Jason and I work on putting up the "Sunnyshore Studio" sign. Sunnyshore Studio is located at 2803 South East Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA and is # 28 on the 2016 Camano Mother's Day Studio Tour.

Book by Jason Dorsey
One of my illustrations for book
One of the features of this year's display at the studio will be all 32 full size original illustrations that Jason and I painted for Jason's children's book, "I Remember Fishing with Dad".  Jason will have signed books available for purchase also.

"High Tide" by Jed Dorsey
Our son, Jed Dorsey,  will have paintings on display with us and also at the north end of the island with Seagrass Gallery, stop # 23 on the tour 

Sample of April Nelson's art
April Nelson, our daughter, will have paintings at Sunnyshore Studio.

Ann Cory's, "Low Tide Treasures"
Fanny Y. Cory's "Lullaby"
My wife, Ann Cory, and her famous maternal grandmother, illustrator/artist/syndicated comic strip maker Fanny Y. Cory  will share upstairs, "Gallery 2".


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