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WOW!!!! What GREAT works of ART
-- Ronald D Clark, 3/23/21

I have 3 of your marvelous watercolors from the 60s purchased by my grandmother, Vera Carter (Highline H.S. counselor) for my parents.
-- Susan Carter Ruskell, 3/19/21

I saw your painting of John Hedberg. It was stated that the painting was commissioned by his grandson ~ I'm curious which one? I am Moosemeat John's great grandson and am looking for more info on him. Thank you.
-- Matt Boyle, 4/6/20

I’m trying to contact Tom Jones, watercolor artist. He is mentioned on one of the comments - years ago as architect and interior designer we created a small vignette of Tom’s imagined studio on the Olympic Peninsula. As a thank you he presented us with a magnificent water coloring of a light house - piece is cherished!! Do you have a contact for Tom and his wife? Thank you - Norm and Elisabeth
-- Norman Sandler, 11/22/19

Hello! My name is Jade Cauthorn Wright. I am the granddaughter of Jess Cauthorn. I came across your website:) i was wondering if you worked with or attend their art school- The Burnley School of Professional Art? i enjoyed looking at your website! Thank you:) ~ Jade PS- You can visit our Facebook or website (which is still under construction) @ The Cauthorn Collection
-- Jade Cauthorn Wright, 10/26/18

Hi, Today I just received a beautiful piece of art that I purchased on ebay last week, it came out of AZ. Stamped on the back of the cardboard backing was your name and address, along with "Selah" underneath. Of course I 'googled' you and as a result found this site. My piece is gorgeous and I love it !! It is quite different from what I see on your site, if you happen to remember this piece and about when you may have painted it, I would love to know. I'd include a picture, but don't think that option is possible here. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that a piece of your work has found a good home and will be viewed and appreciated every day ! Oh, yes, and it will soon be gracing a wall on the shores of Puget Sound, not too far from Ballard. Teresa : )
-- Teresa, 8/6/18

Great meeting you and learning that you had been fortunate to know and learn with Mike Burns at SPC now SPU and become friends during your formative days. I know you would still be learning together taking turns on who the mentor was that session if he was still with us fans. Thanks for taking your valuable time to talk with me and introducing me to your other contemporary Tom Jones who I became a fan of also many years. I see you, Tom and Mike Burns with a masters talent in your placement of the your the subject and use of negative space to draw attention to the subject. Your contrast between light and dark gives me goose bumps that's why the little boat was worth the days trip and my choice best in show water color. I think Tom and Mike would be impressed also. I promise to try and organize a get together with John Ebner after school starts in the early fall. John and I will take care of lunch. Maybe some of your crew will come down to the Frye Impressionism show and we could all meet for lunch at least coffee near SPU after a viewing. Thanks again for the family hospitality your family is special. Thanks again, Rick Dagg 206 419 9143
-- Rick Dagg, 5/13/18

So much talent across some many mediums! I have enjoyed getting to know of all the talent amongst all the Dorsey family.
-- Nina And Bob Cox, 3/9/18

Nice Meeting you in Redmond and I love your art, especially those of Leavenworth
-- Becky Mehtala, 9/19/17

We really enjoyed seeing you last night at church and hearing your family's inspirational story. We hope to come and see your new studio. Thanks for coming down and sharing your beautiful work with us! Blessings, Ron and Mary
-- Ron & Mary Wehde, 7/27/17

I think i have one of your water colors! It is a lone bird flying over a bleak cove ,with mountains in the back ground. Could this be yours?
-- David Young, 2/20/17

Hi Jack. I am in Eugene, OR and I believe I just purchased one of your paintings at an estate sale the other day. It's a small watercolor or gouache and is of a mountain. I looked up the name that was signed on it: Jack E. Dorsey and it led me here. Comparing it to what I see here it might be an earlier piece. I paid $5 for it. It's quite lovely and I feel lucky to have it.
-- Shawn Marie Hardy, 10/10/15

My gosh, how beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing your website......:) J&J
-- Jim And Joan Jahr, 9/28/15

Jack, we have three of your early watercolors that we continue to enjoy. Its great to talk art with you about watercolor art and other artist friends. Blessings.
-- Ken &Sarah Sundin, 9/20/15

First time to see your work. I now understand where Jed & Jason get their inspiration to paint. I appreciate your wonderful gift!
-- Tim Tuttle, 8/20/15

You're working well. I see lots of new pieces. Love them too. Looking forward to a cup of coffee with you soon.
-- Melanie Serroels, 1/4/15

We met today,at Derek"s party.
-- Bill , 1/4/14

Jack, nice meeting you over the phone and hope to one day meet you in person!
-- Mary P. Stitt, 12/3/13

Saw a nice write-up about your awards in the Skagit well deserved. There are many wonderful artists on Camano, but I have to say, your watercolors are so far beyond even the best & I don't have the expert eye to analyze why...wish I could because I'm trying to learn at this late stage of my life, taking lessons from John Delzell, who is very encouraging & freeing in his approach to teaching. If nothing more, it helps me appreciate your art even more.
-- Inez Kollmar, 6/24/13

I have two of your paintings and would like to gift them to my children. Could you please give me an approximate price? I bought one called "Hunting is Good" and another of a duck pond with a shack and dock seen through long autumn grasses. I bought these between 30 and 40 years ago, and I see that you have continued to paint and that people continue to love and enjoy your work. I have loved these paintings for years and years but feel it's time to pass them on. Thank you for your help with this.
-- Beverly Engel, 5/27/13